Gold Party ???

June 8, 2009

Empire Toronto


Have you been invited to a Gold Party?

These are like Tupperware parties, but instead of selling you Tupperware, someone buys your old gold jewellery.

Sounds like a good idea at first, but why would you sell your gold to some stranger who sets up in someone’s living room, implying that they are doing you a favour? How do you know you’re even getting a fair price?

EMPIRE INDUSTRIES has been having a non-stop Gold Party for over 50 years!

Ours is a little different though. Instead of serving food and paying a commission to a host, we just pay you more money. That’s right! For a half-century, we have been buying old gold and gold coins for fair prices from thousands of sellers.

And we don’t only buy old scrap gold. We have gemologists on staff, with decades of experience, ready to examine your finer items too! We have handled some of the finest and most valuable diamonds, jewellery, watches and rare coins ever to be traded in Canada!

So, if you want to sell your old gold, or a rare piece of jewellery, call me, and you’ll end up with more money! And then you can have your own party!

Call me to set up a confidential meeting at my office.

Michael Rogozinsky
President, EMPIRE AUCTIONS, GIA Diamonds Certificate

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